Workshops Day Three: Saturday 1st November

Workshop Session 4
11:00 - 13:00

Workshop 4.1 Breakingdown the links between illicit money flows and corruption
Coordinators: Jeremy Carver, Trustee/Director, Transparency International-UK
Anthea Lawson, Researcher, Global Witness

Workshop 4.2 Preventing Corruption in Humanitarian Aid
Coordinators: Marie-Luise Ahlendorf, Programme Coordinator, Poverty & Development Global Programmes, Transparency International
Roslyn Hees, Senior Advisor, Global Programmes, Transparency International

Workshop 4.3 Transparency in Resource Rich Perilous States: getting out of the resource curse and into the path of development
Coordinator: Juanita Olaya, Faculty of Law, Bonn University

Workshop 4.4 The Private Sector's role in Fighting Corruption in the Wood Supply Chain: An example from Russia
Coordinator: Dr. Reinier de Man, International Consultant for Sustainable Business Development

Workshop 4.5 Corruption & Carbon Trading Projects: Is Carbon finance helping to combat detrimental Climate Change?
Coordinator: Trusha Reddy, Political Researcher in the Corruption & Governance Programme, Institute for Security Studies

Workshop 4.6 Shedding Light onto Investment Arbitration
Coordinator: Sofia Plagakis, Program Associate for the Trade and Sustainable Development Program, Center for International Environmental Law

Workshop 4.7 Youth Integrity: Ethical Infrastructure for a Sustainable Future
Coordinator: Geo Sung Kim, Chairperson, Transparency International - Korea and Board Member, Transparency International

Workshop Session 5
14:00 - 16:00

Workshop 5.1 Sustaining Corruption Investigations in a hostile political environment
Coordinator: Michael Hershman, Interpol Group of Experts on Corruption

Workshop 5.2 Beyond the Voices of Pain - Strategies Against Gendered Corruption
Lilian Ekeanyanwu, Head of the Technical Unit on Governance and Anti-Corruption Reforms Nigeria

Workshop 5.3 Forest Governance and Corruption: Preventing Illegal and Unsustainable Deforestation
Coordinator: Manoj Nadkarni, Programme Manager, Asia Pacific Department, Transparency International

Workshop 5.4 Climate Change and Migration: Human security risk for the Mediterranean Region
Coordinator: Dr. Thanos Dokos, Director General, Hellenic Foundation for European & Foreign Policy, ELIAMEP

Workshop 5.5 Transparency in Education management
Coordinator: Stéphane Stassen, Programme Coordinator, Africa and Middle East Department, Transparency International

Workshop 5.6 Preventing Corruption in Construction Projects through increased Transparency and Accountability
Coordinator: Marcela Rozo, Senior Programme Coordinator on Public Contracting, Transparency International

Workshop 5.7 Corporate "Best Practices" from In-House Compliance Officers
Coordinator: Alexandra Wrage, President of TRACE International Inc.

Special Sessions
17:00 - 19:00

Session 1 Lessons learned from the EU anticorruption policy
Coordinators: Alina Mungiu-Pippidi, Hertie School of Governance Berlin
Jana Mittermaier, Head of Brussels Office, Transparency International

Session 2 Mobilisation for Action on UNCAC Review Mechanism
Coordinator: Gillian Dell, Programmes Manager, Global Programmes, TI

Session 3 Implementing the World Bank Governance and Anticorruption Strategy: Year 1 Progress Report
Coordinator: Aneta Wierzynska, Senior Policy Director, Transparency International USA)

Session 4 ACCOUNTABILITY 2.0: Using Social Media in the Fight Against Corruption
Coordinators: Georg Neumann, Internal Communications Coordinator, Transparency International


Session 5 Faith and Human Security
Coordinator: Katherine Marshall, Senior Fellow and Visiting Professor, Georgetown University

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