Workshops Day Four: Sunday 2nd November

Workshop Session 6
11:00 - 13:00

Workshop 6.1 Corruption and Reform Initiatives in the Security Sector
in the Arab Region

Coordinator: Isam Haj Hussein, Administrative Director, Coalition for Accountability and Integrity-AMAN
Khalil Gebara, Co-Executive Director, Lebanese Transparency Association

Workshop 6.2 Dismantling Illicit Networks and Corruption Nodes
Coordinator: David M. Luna, Director for Combating Transnational Crime and Illicit Threats, U.S. Department of State

Workshop 6.3 Pro-poor and pro-sustainability anticorruption work in the water sector
Coordinator: Teun Bastemeijer, Manager, Water Integrity Network

Workshop 6.4 Citizens against Corruption in Natural Resource Management
Coordinator: Pierre Landell-Mills, President, Partnership for Transparency

Workshop 6.5 Financing for Climate Change: An opportunity for improved global governance, or the next resource curse?
Coordinator: Toby Quantrill, Head of International Governance, WWF-UK
Robert Barrington, Director of External Affairs, Transparency International (UK)

Workshop 6.6 Asia Pacific Human Development Report: Tackling Corruption, Transforming Lives
Coordinator: Dr. Anuradha K. Rajivan (Regional Programme Coordinator, UNDP Regional Centre Colombo)

Workshop 6.7 Investigative journalism, access to public information and media corporate governance: is there anything new?
Coordinator: Inés Selvood, Clarin Newspaper and University of Buenos Aires

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