Social Events

Thursday, 30 October

Megaron Athens International Conference Centre
19:30- 23:00 Concept - Classical Evening
Buffet Menu: Greek-Mediterranean
Dress Code: Business Casual

During the welcome cocktail world renowned soprano Anna Alexopoulou, accompanied by the talented pianist Frixos Mortzos, will unravel the thread of time taking us on a musical journey from Renaissance and Baroque music to arias from the operas of Puccini, Mozart, Pergolezzi, Taccini as well as a synthesis of well-known musicals by Kurtweil, Gersuin and Berstain (Duration: 50 minutes).

Friday, 31 October


Technopolis Park Of Athens
20:00- 23:00
Concept - "Nostalgic Athens"
Buffet Menu: Greek-Mediterranean
Dress Code: Casual - warm

During the Networking Event, a live Mandolin Orchestra with the Chorus of Exarheia "Dionysios Lauragas" will present a program with well-known Athenian songs and serenades of the inter-war period as well as excerpts of operettas through the creation of a nostalgic atmosphere. Following the Orchestra of Mandolins a dj will "pump up the volume".

Saturday, 1 November

Official Conference Diner

Faliro Pavilion
20:00- 00:30
Concept - "A festive Athenian night"
Sit-Down Buffet
Menu: Greek - Mediterranean
Dress Code: Βusiness casual

At the Official Conference Dinner, Argyro Kaparou, Kostas Matzios and their orchestra will perform popular songs by Greek composers, including Hatzidakis, Theodorakis, Moutsis, Xarchakos, Loizos, Kraounakis, etc., offering an entertaining musical program.

Sunday, 2 November

National Archaeological Museum
15:30 - 19:00
A light lunch will be offered at the Megaron Athens International
Centre after the closing of the conference.

Shuttle bus transfer for the exclusive guided tour of the National Archeological Museum, between 16:30 - 18:30. Duration of the tour about 1½ hours. Return transfer to hotels.

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