The Greek Government
The Government is the host of the Conference, and participates in the Programme Committee. The Minister of Justice is the representative of the Host Country.

The IACC Council
The IACC Council oversees the IACC Conference series. It was established in September 1996, with Transparency International as its secretariat. The council's principal goal is to provide advice and assistance to the host of each conference and to ensure that the conference is conducted in accordance with the principles contained in the established guidelines.

Along with TI, the Council contributes greatly to the success and follow-up of every IACC. They both provide integral support for the objectives of the conference. The guidelines state that the objectives are " stimulate the global exchange of experience and methodology in controlling corruption and foster international cooperation among citizens and institutions from all parts of the world".

The IACC Programme Committee
The IACC Programme Committee provides guidance for the design of the Conference programme. The Committee is composed of up to 15 members which includes the Chair of the IACC Council, one representative of the Host Government, TI National Chapter and TI. The remaining members include representatives of international partner institutions or other independent institutions that are distinguished in the area of anti-corruption. The Government and TI National Chapter are actively involved in the design of the programme through their representatives.

Transparency International – the Secretariat
TI acts as Secretariat to the IACC Council and to the Programme Committee of each conference. TI provides advice and assistance to the host of each conference on behalf of the IACC Council. TI is also responsible for preparing and implementing the conference programme; this includes communicating with a wide range of organisations and individuals involved at the forefront of anti-corruption work. TI also collates programme suggestions, and prepares the conference‘s plenary sessions and workshops. Additionally TI helps the host country with marketing issues, advises on logistics and makes efforts to raise funds for the participating delegates.

Transparency International Greece
The national chapter in Greece, TI Hellas, hires and oversees the work of the Conference Organising Company. TI Greece is responsible for reporting to the Greek government, Co-chairs the host Committee, participates in the Programme Committee and supports conference marketing.

13th IACC Council Membership

Hon. Justice Barry O'Keefe AM (ret)

Miklos Marschall, Acting Secretary

  • Akere Muna, Vice Chair, Transparency International
  • Jermyn Brooks, Director of Global Private Sector Programmes, Transparency International
  • Augustin Ruzindana, Member of Parliament (MP), Uganda
  • Franz Brüner, Director, OLAF, EU
  • José Ugaz, Senior Partner and Team Leader of the Criminal Division of Benites, Forno & Ugaz
  • Katherine Marshall, Senior Fellow, Georgetown's Berkley Center for Religion, Peace and World Affairs and Visiting Professor. Senior Advisor, World Bank
  • Medhi Krongkaew, Thailand National Anti-Corruption Commission / Commissioner

Hon. Justice Barry O'Keefe AM (ret)
Barry O'Keefe AM QC is a highly accomplished barrister, arbitrator and former judge. He currently works as a consultant for Clayton Utz law firm. Having retired from the New South Wales Supreme Court with a distinguished career as an advocate, Commercial Court Judge, Commissioner of the New South Wales Independent Commission Against Corruption, and subsequently as a Supreme Court Judge. Barry has been a Fellow of the Institute of Arbitrators since 1990 and was a Governor of the Australian Advocacy Institute for seven years. During this time he was pre-eminent in the field of construction disputes, having appeared in many of the major leading cases in Australia and abroad.

13th IACC Programme Committee Membership

Hon. Justice Barry O’Keefe AM (ret), Chair of the IACC Council


1. Birgit Errath, Consultant United Nations Global Compact, Senior Issue Coordinator
Birgit is currently supporting various organisations with their anti-corruption work, ie. the UN Global Compact, the Int. Business Leaders Forum and Transparency International. Before that, Birgit headed the UN Global Compact’s program on the 10th principle against corruption and coordinated Global Compact network activities in South-East Asia. Furthermore, she was the team leader for three major Global Compact Leaders Summits (New York, 2004; Shanghai, 2005; Geneva, 2006). Before joining the UN, Birgit worked several years as a strategy consultant with Booz Allen Hamilton. With a degree in international business administration and specialisation on financial markets she started her career in the financial sector and ran privatisation projects for governments and companies in Central and Eastern Europe at Raiffeisen Investment Bank.

2. Jason Langrish, President, The Energy Roundtable, Canada
EU private-sector and government roundtable 2004 - The Energy Roundtable Ltd. - Toronto, Canada. FOUNDER & PRESIDENT Forum gather energy CEOs and financial executives for focused discussions on strategic investment opportunities in Canada and Europe. Topics include E&P, unconventional/oil sands, infrastructure, gas, power, utilities, energy security, regulatory concerns and structural market challenges. Forums have taken place in Brussels, Toronto, Calgary and London and include high-level government participation. 2001 -Canada Europe Roundtable for Business (CERT) - Brussels Belgium. Executive Director: Work with Canadian and European CEOs to contribute on negotiations on a comprehensive bilateral trade agreement. Increased participation from 10 founding members to 35 companies and trade associations. Developed a structure of policy working groups, an annual CEO Roundtable meeting and regular Ministerial-level meeting at the bi-annual Canada-EU Summit meetings.

3. Phil Matsheza, Anti-corruption Advisor, UNDP
Phil Matsheza is a human rights and anti-corruption expert. He is the founding Director of the Human Rights Trust of Southern Africa. Before being member of the Governance Group of UNDP was an anti-corruption expert with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).

4. Larry Haas, Senior Water Consultant
Former member of the World Commission on Dams. Contributor to the 2008 TI Global Corruption Report on Corruption in the Water Sector. His areas of expertise range on engineering, environment, economics and systems planning. He worked with governments, NGOs and consulting organizations leading multi-disciplinary teams of local professionals and international consultants on water and energy resources policy, planning and project-level studies in Africa, South Asia, East Asia, Canada and Europe. Most recently, Project Manager of the Medium Hydro Study Project in Nepal with Acres International, Canada.

5. Kirstine Drew, Manager, UNICORN (Global Unions Anti-corruption Network), UK
Kirstine Drew is the coordinator of UNICORN, a Global Unions Anti-corruption Network, which was set up by the international trade union bodies, the Trade Union Advisory Committee to the OECD (TUAC), Public Services International (PSI) and the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC). Kirstine was on the Programme Committees of the 11th and 12th IACC, held in Korea and Guatemala. Kirstine has an M.A. in Economic Science (University of Aberdeen) and an M.A. in Development Administration and Management (University of Manchester).

6. Christiaan Poortman, Director of Global Programmes Transparency International
Christiaan (Chrik) Poortman joined TI in September 2007 after many years of professional and managerial experience of working in/with developing countries. Prior to joining TI, Chrik was working at the World Bank in Washington DC as Regional Vice President for the Middle East and North Africa. Before that, he was Country Director for South East Europe during which time he oversaw the World Bank’s assistance programs in the Balkans, including the post-war reconstruction activities in Bosnia Herzegovina and Kosovo. Much of Chrik’s career at the World Bank was devoted to Sub-Saharan Africa in a number of different assignments, including as the World Bank’s Country Manager in Zimbabwe during 1990-94. Before joining the World Bank, Chrik worked as an economist in the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning in Swaziland. He holds an MA Economics degree of the University of Groningen in the Netherlands.

8. Dimitri Lalas, Director of FACE3TS
Dimitri Lalas is presently Director of FACE3TS, Ltd. a consultancy on energy, environment and economy matters, areas that he has been involved with most of his professional career, and particularly the interplay between them. He has also worked on aspects of air pollution, wind energy utilization and climate change impacts. He has served as Director of the National Observatory of Athens from 1994 till 2005. Prior to this, Prof. Lalas served as the first president of the Greek National Centre for Renewable Energy Sources, from 1988 to 1991. In 1985, he founded Lamda Technical Ltd., an Athens-based environmental-studies consulting company. From 1996 to 1998, he was Chairman of the Board of the Greek National Petroleum Corporation. He has represented Greece in the international climate change negotiations from 1994 to 2006. He has been a member of the Governing Board of the Greek National Center for the Environment and Sustainable Development, of the National Committee for Climate Change, of the National Committee for Desertification and of the National Committee for Sustainable Development. He has been elected the first President of the Greek Wind Energy Association and a member of the Governing Board of the European Wind Energy Association as well as of the Society for the Environment and Cultural Heritage of Greece. Prof. Lalas has held faculty positions at universities in the United States (Michigan, Colorado) and Greece (chaired professor of Atmospheric Physics and Meteorology), and has published four books and more than 120 scientific papers and numerous reports. He holds an M.Eng. and a Ph.D. in aerospace engineering from Cornell University in Ithaca, NY.

13th IACC Council and Programme Committee Secretariat:

  • Miklos Marschall, IACC Director and Acting Secretary for the IACC Council, Transparency International
  • Roberto Pérez Rocha, IACC Manager, Transparency International
  • Nikolai Schweingruber, Assistant Programme Coordinator, Transparency International
  • Paula O'Malley, Assistant Programme Coordinator, Transparency International